4 Major Treadmill Mistakes You Might Be Making

Treadmills are one of the most versatile and the most loved exercise equipment. They are easy to use and ideal for walking, running and even building muscle with features like incline. They are usually the first choice by anyone looking for cardio, since they provide the perfect base for a great workout by warming up the body, and are sometimes enough of a workout on their own.

Whether you go to the gym to get on a treadmill or have bought one for home so you can walk while you watch the TV, it is a good idea! To get the most out of your treadmill, however, you should know about the treadmill as well as about how to correctly use a treadmill in terms of working out. This will ensure that you don’t make the most common mistakes and don’t end up getting less than possible, getting hurt or damaging your machine. Here are some tips to follow and some mistakes to avoid while working out on a treadmill:

You don’t know how to fully work the treadmill



Modern treadmills are now coming with a lot of new features. You can enter your vitals on your treadmill; this helps you learn what the ideal speed and the ideal heart rate is for you to burn calories, as well as to build muscle. Depending on your needs, your treadmill can guide you through the workout if you really look at what it’s telling you.

  1. You cling on to the bars

    Yes, the bars of a treadmill lubricant are meant to be held, and many even come with heart rate sensors so you know your heartbeat when you hold them. However, constantly holding them will put your weight onto your hands, which means you will not fully exercise your body and will lose on functionality, burning lesser fat. This should especially be taken care of when you are walking on an incline; your arms should be positioned as they would be if you were walking outside.

  2. Your treadmill is not serviced

    Sometimes, the reason it seems difficult to get a long workout out of your treadmill is not because you are losing on energy, but because the treadmill itself is taking more of your energy. A machine that is not properly lubricated with a good quality treadmill lubricant will become difficult to walk on. This is because the belt can become rough and may not smoothly move against the deck. You will automatically be pushing it backward without realizing it. To make sure you work out properly, you need to apply a treadmill belt lubricant under the belt every six months or every 150 miles walked. Don’t let treadmill lubricant go ignored, especially if you are working out at home!

  3. You don’t change your routine

    If you don’t feel ‘worked out’ enough at the end of your routine, chances are your body has become too accustomed to your regular treadmill workout and isn’t pushing itself anymore. The simple solution to this is to keep changing speeds, incline levels and workout duration.

Happy working out!

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