Common Questions About Lubricating a Treadmill

Although lubricating a treadmill is a rather simple process by itself, there are several questions that often pop up about it. This is probably because a treadmill is a big investment – most modern ones are very expensive – and owners usually want to make sure their machine stays in its best shape and that it does not lose its optimal performance and life.

Whether you are a home user or a professional gym owner, you may have some questions about the maintenance of the machine, about treadmill belt lubricant, how to use it, what else to use, etc. Here are all the common queries about lubricating a treadmill and their answers!

    1. Is it important to lubricate every treadmill?
      Whether or not your treadmill needs lubrication depends on the type and model of the machine. Most of them need lubrication, while some modern high-end ones don’t. However, don’t assume this. You should easily be able to answer this with the manual that came with the treadmill.

    2. Does one lubricant work for all treadmills?
      No. While silicone treadmill lubricant does work for most types, some may have different requirements. Again, this is something that the user manual or the manufacturing company can confirm.

    3. Is a silicone treadmill lubricant better than Teflon?
      100% silicone treadmill lubricant is usually preferred, though this might not be what some treadmills need. It works for most, but not all, which is why it is best for confirm before using either.

    4. What is the difference between different forms of lubes?
      Lubricant comes in different forms, like sprays, squeeze tubes, silicone liquid bottles, and even wax sticks. These are merely for convenience and preference, though liquid bottles with nozzle tops are easiest to work with.

    5. Can household forms of grease be used?
      Only grease made specifically for treadmills should be used in order to efficiently protect the belt and the deck.

    6. How often does a treadmill need to be lubricated?
      The ideal servicing should be every six months, or ever 150 miles walked on the machine.

    7. Is the process costly?
      A good quality pure silicone treadmill lubricant will cost around $10-$20, and will last for a while. Compared to the price of the treadmill, this is a small and smart investment that will keep your machine worth the money spent on it.

    8. Is the process time consuming?
      The actual lubrication process does not take more than a few minutes once you are acquainted with it.


  • Does the process need an expert?
    It can be done at home with simple instructions, though it might take a few times to perfect it. Observing an expert do it, at least the first time, is a good idea.


  1. Can anything go wrong with the process?
    Often, applying the wrong kind of treadmill lubricant or applying it the wrong way can lead to problems like overheating, which is obviously a problem with electronics. Therefore, make sure you follow the user manual thoroughly.
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